• Notes

  • Complaints

  • Incidents

  • Breakdowns

  • Detours

  • Collisions

  • Emergencies


  • Automatic real-time text and/or email event notifications.

  • User-specific custom notification settings. 

  • Custom notification settings for on-duty supervisors.

  • Summon on-duty supervisors with one click.

Assisted Dispatching

  • Event forms provide framework for proper response.

  • Prompts dispatcher to contact emergency services when conditions warrant.

  • Provides emergency contact information for appropriate jurisdiction.

  • Highlights open events to assist multi-tasking without anything falling through the cracks.


  • Select which events are relevant to your operation.

  • Define multiple modes (e.g., fixed route, demand response) and designate by National Transit Database (NTD) category (Purchased Transportation, Directly Operated).

  • Dispatch a single mode or all modes at once.

  • Customize filters used to only see relevant events. Fifteen filters available!

  • Provide custom jurisdiction-specific contact information for breakdowns, collisions, and emergencies.


  • Detail and summary reports.

  • Combine detail report filters to get insights into your operation, vehicles, and employees.

  • Print overview or detail history of event response.

  • Audit trail on event responses: see who made what actions, notes, or changes and when those changes were made.

  • Report on National Transit Database (NTD) categories of breakdowns (major, other).

  • Summons history report.


  • Password protected login.

  • User-specific permissions system.

  • HTTPS encryption between end user and cloud-based application.

  • Cloud-based database is encrypted at rest.

  • Automatic database backups. 

  • Optional two-factor authentication.

  • Option to restrict access to only certain IP addresses or ban certain IP addresses.


  • Launch training provided via web based meetings.

  • Training documentation available inside software.

  • Ongoing online training provided upon request and with new feature roll-out.


  • Phone and email ongoing support

  • Submit support requests directly from within the software.

  • Built-in documentation on all features.

New Features

  • New features regularly added. 

  • Submit new feature requests directly from within the software.

  • User requested features added based on Barycenter development schedule incur no additional fees for users.